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Church Demolition Project in Uptown Charlotte performed by W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. Image provided by W.C. Black and Sons.

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Watch Us Methodically Demolish Structures of All Types and Size


Home Demolition During Snowstorm


February 2014


W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. performs Demolition and Debris Removal Services during a Snowstorm in February 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our professional demolition crew was un-phased by the chilling temperatures, howling wind, and rapid down pour of wintry precipitation. The entire home was demolished and removed in less than 3 hours. To complete this Demolition Project, we utilized one of our HALLA HE-130 Excavators, two International trucks with trailers, and a single axle dump truck. The demolished structure was located in the West Charlotte area.

Apartment Demolition Project


November 2013


In this video, our equipment operator demolishes an apartment building with our CASE 9040 Excavator. The apartment building demolished in this video was burned during a fire and damaged severely.


Demolition of Montessori School


February 2012


Montessori School Facility damaged by a severe storm demolished in Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility demolished in this video was used by Countryside Montessori School in Charlotte, NC. During a storm, a large tree was blown over and fell onto the structure, which left the building unsafe and in need of demolition.


The entire building was taken down in less than one hour by our experienced excavator operator. The excavator utilized was a HALLA HE-130. This project took place in the university area of Charlotte on 18 February 2012.

Old School Demo - Loader vs. House


October 2011


Liebherr Crawler Loader vs. House. Watch the demolition of an old house with a Liebherr 621 Front End Loader. We knocked this one down "Old School Style". All our excavators were busy on other demo sites so we hauled our Liebherr 621 Loader over to get the job done. The 4 in 1 bucket really crushed the debris and this machine turned this house into a pile of rubble in no time.


This demolition project was performed on 17 October 2011 on the south side of Charlotte. Total time required to demolish the structure was approximately one hour.

Church Demolition in Uptown Charlotte


January 2011


In this short video, Watch our CASE 9040 Demolition Excavator destroy the old sanctuary building at Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Uptown Charlotte.


This structure was constructed in 1930 and measured approximately 14,085 square feet. The sanctuary was constructed primarily of brick and masonry and was situated only approximately 8 feet from the street. Total Demolition of the building occurred on 27 January 2011. The entire structure was taken down in only one day and removal of debris took several weeks to complete.

Boxing Academy Demolition in NoDa


January 2011



The building was comprised of mainly brick and concrete and totaled approximately 12,000 square feet in size. The entire structure was knocked down in one day and debris removal took approximately two weeks to sort, load, and haul away from the site.

Demolition of Old Union 76 Gas Station


November 2010


Our Equipment Operator used one of our HALLA HE-130 Excavators to perform demolition of an old Union 76 gas station in Charlotte, North Carolina. The project was conducted on the morning of 24 November 2010. This commercial demolition project was located at 6501 North Tryon Street.


Over 80% of all materials removed from this demolition project were recycled. The main structure was comprised of primarily concrete block and this project also included the removal of an attached metal refueling canopy.

Residential Home Demolition Project


October 2010



The home demolished was severely damaged during a fire and was deemed unsafe. The entire home was taken down by our operator in just over one hour.


The machine used to complete this project was one of our HALLA HE-130 excavators.

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